We understand that gaining and holding investor confidence and efficient administration of our engagement is a key factor to success.



  • Online investor portal
  • Reporting to investors on assets
  • Anti-money laundering verification
  • Management / operating bank accounts
  • Holding and distributing client money
  • Receipt and distribution of subscription funds

Nominee Services

Our nominee services allow individuals or corporates to safeguard their identity for sound commercial or legal reasons.

A nominee service allows individuals or corporate entities to safeguard their identity by having us act as the director, company secretary or shareholder.

Depending on the engagement and your requirements we can use a UK-registered, EU-registered or offshore corporate entity or individual to act as a nominee.

Nominees act in name only and we will not be involved in the day-to-day management of the company. All responsibility for fulfilling company duties remain with the beneficial owner or controlling parties. Our only involvement will be a regular compliance review.

Unfortunately due to legal restrictions we do not involve ourselves in opening bank accounts nor do we present our identities for ID checks or signature mandates.


We will only act as nominee director if:

  • We receive the proof of identity and address of all the beneficial owners and controlling parties
  • Reference letters from two of the following: a reputable bank, a practicing solicitor or advocate, a registered accountant or a registered financial / investment advisor
  • We know of and clearly understand the reasons for using a nominee director
  • We know of and clearly understand the business of the company
  • The registered office will be with us or a company within the Accounting Worx group
  • We have no hindrance in completing our compliance review
  • The company cannot be dissolved or liquidated without our consent and consultation




  • Nominee director
  • Company secretary
  • Shareholder


Jade State Wealth offers bespoke professional services and is part of a group of companies with over 20 years’ experience in providing trustee, administration, nominee and escrow services.



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